5 reasons why you should really go on a walking holiday

Hiking is a wonderful thing to do. Maybe you regularly take the dog for a walk or maybe you like to go for a walk with your partner at the weekend. Together, you can enjoy nature and chat about the week. Isn’t hiking really your thing? Then there are many other reasons to go hiking. Hiking is a great form of exercise for anyone who wants to keep his or her body in good shape. This article will tell you all about it. Maybe after reading it, you will be so enthusiastic that you will start hiking immediately, and maybe you will even go on a hiking holiday to the GR 20 Corse.

Hiking is a good way to lose weight
You wouldn’t think it, but hiking can burn a lot of calories. This is because hiking is a low-intensity exercise. This means that your heart rate does not suddenly increase very rapidly, but stays slightly elevated for a long time. With low-intensity exercise, your body uses a little more energy, but not a whole lot. If your body suddenly needs a lot of energy, it burns mainly carbohydrates. If your body needs a bit more energy over a longer period of time, fat reserves are used. In other words, when you walk you burn more fat and therefore lose weight. Of course, it is important that you eat healthily in addition to hiking. A hiking holiday on the Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary can help you lose a lot of weight.

Hiking helps against depression
Do you suffer from mood swings or depression? Then hiking is also a good idea. When you go hiking, you experience an optimal combination of healthy outdoor air and exercise. This makes it easier to ‘clear your head’ and achieve a balance between body and mind. The change of scenery and physical activity will do you good. You’ll find that after a walking holiday you go home a new person. Perhaps by taking regular walking holidays you can also improve your mental health in the long term.

Walking has a positive effect on diabetes
Do you have a condition such as diabetes? Then it’s very important to get enough exercise every day. And walking is especially beneficial. It lowers the blood sugar level considerably. And a walking holiday even has long-term benefits. You get more grip on the condition and the fluctuations in blood sugar levels will be less extreme.

Hiking reduces stress
Do you experience a lot of stress in your daily life? Then walking can also have a positive influence. By taking a walk every day, you can let go of tension more easily. You will notice that you can sleep better, are more rested, and can cope better with life. Do you suffer from burnout? Then it is a good idea to take a walking holiday. You can leave the stress of everyday life behind and completely unwind in a different environment.

Hiking makes you more creative
One of the most striking benefits of hiking is that it literally makes you more creative. That’s because when you walk, you relax and stressful thoughts fade into the background. This frees up space for new ideas and thoughts. So are you in need of inspiration for any reason? Then a walk could be just what you need to get that one great idea. Have a new and big project coming up? Then what better way to start it than by taking a walking holiday first. You clear your head and start your new project with a “clean slate”. Chances are that after the walking holiday you will already have a few good ideas. In this way, the walking holiday also acts as the ultimate brainstorming session with yourself.

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